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We Help Oil & Gas Companies
Produce Clean Energy At a Profit
by Using Energy AI to Automate HSE, ESG and Operations

Clean Connect Team

Mark Smith, President

Mark Smith is the President and co-founder of CleanConnect.ai. Mark is the host of Digital Roughnecks, a weekly video podcast that focuses on the digitization of energy using AI, cleantech, and crypto.
Mark Smith has 25 years of experience in technology-focused digital marketing, publishing, and software development. He previously launched Windows NT Magazine, which was viewed by 1.5M IT professionals in 160 countries.

Connect with Mark on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markhoustonsmith/

David Conley, VP of Product Development

David Conley is an expert in Oil & Gas. Spending the last nine years in the world of engineering as a leader in piping and mechanical design. His passion for the industry and entrepreneurship is a recipe for problems getting solved quickly and efficiently. David is the co-host of Digital Roughnecks, a weekly video podcast for oil & gas professionals who lead digital transformation for energy industry.

Luke Coats, VP Channel Partners

Luke Coats is a co-founder of Energy Strong, a Colorado-based oil & gas advocacy group that was formed to promote and protect the interests of its members (oil & gas operators) regarding Proposition 112 (which was successfully defeated). Energy Strong continues and has now expanded to 16 states in the U.S. Because of this group, Luke has built relationships with oil & gas operators, which are all customer prospects for Clean Connect.

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