compressor monitoring

Instantly detect compressor run status and prevent costly failures and downtime

Avoid Costly Repairs and Downtime With Our Compressor Monitoring AI Machine Model That Runs 24x7

our ai machine model is continuously listening

Our AI machine model was trained to listen for normal sounding compressors, so it can detect any abnormal behavior.

compressor run status

Our AI can tell within seconds the compressor run status based on our machine models

Frequently asked questions

We trained our AI machine model to “listen” to hundreds of hours of normal compressor sounds. We then trained it to detect & categorize abnormal behavior, such as grinding or the stop & start of a compressor.

None. The compressor monitoring machine model uses an industrial grade microphone to continuously listen to the compressor run status. 

No.  Like all machine models, its designed to work autonomously.  Our motto is “let the AI do the work,” that way no one needs to be dedicated to listen.  We produce telemetry data that is sent to your SCADA system, similar to other IIoT devices, so you can monitor your compressor run status via your SCADA system autonomously. 

The compressor run status AI machine model is included with our Autonomous365 suite, which is designed to provide autonomous HSE, ESG and operations.  

Prior to our machine model, clients were regularly doing remote call-outs to check on compressor run status. In addition, they were not able to do preventative maintenance on compressors, so a failure would cause a shut-in, losing revenue and increasing costs.  So, monitoring compressors can save considerable time & money, and they ROI from one failure pays for years of the service.

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