ecd monitoring

Visually verify that your ECD's are working correctly with our 360° HD optical camera

avoid regulator fines

ECD's emissions are the #3 cause of regulatory fines (behind tank & other leaks). Our AI model instantly detects errant emissions.

HD Visible and ogi coverage

Using a combination of our 360-degree optical camera and our OGI camera, we can simultaneously monitor your ECD's for errant behavior.

dump washouts

Dump washouts are a common cause of ECD's smoking. By detecting ECD emissions, you can avoid systemic (and more expensive) problems.

monitor for non-combustion

By leveraging our Autonomous365, we can use our OGI camera to verify that your ECD is functioning properly, including pilot light, and VOC gas emissions. This can eliminate remote service calls and regulatory fines.

Frequently asked questions

Every site requires personal protection equipment (PPE).  This typically includes hardhats and other protective equipment.  Our AI machine model automatically detects if someone on your site is wearing the proper PPE equipment. 

The hardhat detection uses a high-definition (4k) camera with 360-degree of coverage. The camera has 4-sensors, letting us see an entire site at once without needing to pan-tilt. 

No.  Like all machine models, its designed to work autonomously.  Our motto is “let the AI do the work,” that way no one needs to be dedicated to stare at security monitors–ever!

Our early adopter clients wanted to eliminate the need for night, gate, and other lease operators.  By doing this, their return on investment (ROI) is 10x. 

If we sold this separately, we would charge $2,500/month. However, we include this model as part of our Autonomous365 suite, which is designed to provide autonomous HSE, ESG and operations.  

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