load out observation

Automatically record & log your pumper truck loadouts

Automatically Comply With New Load Out Regulations and Provide Proof of Emissions Events Without Call Outs

meets all regulatory requirements

Meets Colorado's new SB181 load out observation regulation that requires operators to visually record all load out event

autonomous365 ai suite

Our load out observation AI machine model is part of our Autonomous365 AI suite. It's automated, so you never have to do late-night call outs just to observe pumper trucks.

360-degree autonomous coverage

By placing the OGI camera on a pan-tilt mount inside a IP67 enclosure (intrinsically safe for outdoor use), we cover 300-feet in every direction (600-feet diameter).

visually detect all voc's , including methane

By using an OGI camera, we can visually detect all VOC (volatile organic compounds) and hazardous air pollutants (HAP's).

Frequently asked questions

  • We use an OGI (optical gas instrumentation) camera, like the FLIR G300a, and mount it on a pan-tilt unit.
  • This allows us to cover an entire site with one camera on a 360-degree rotation.  The OGI camera is controlled by our AI machine model and the raw camera feed is analyzed every 30-seconds to detect leaks.  
  • We check all events, including pumper truck loadouts. Because we provide real-time visual verification of a leak, our AI machine model can tell the difference between a pumper truck and the pad equipment. 
  • Without visual verification, you would never find the actual source of the leak because by the time an LDAR team inspected the site, the pumper truck would be gone.

We use an OGI (optical gas instrumentation) camera that is designed to be fixed-mounted.  This OGI camera has the same core that is used by LDAR teams throughout the world and meets all state, federal and international LDAR standards.  The camera is mounted on a pan-tilt unit and is inside of a IP67-rated (intrinsically-safe for outdoor use) housing. 

No.  Like all CleanConnect.ai machine models, its designed to work autonomously.  Our motto is “let the AI do the work,” that way no one needs to be dedicated to stare at security monitors–ever!

If we sold this separately, we would charge $3,500/month for this service. However, you can buy ALL of our AI machine models inside of our Autonomous365 AI suite. 

In many cases, clients tried “sniffer” pilot programs that resulted in too many false positives and false negatives. We have seen both in side-by-side comparison tests as well.  The sniffers missed leaks because the wind didn’t blow in the right direction (or at all), which led to clients being fined by regulators.  The sniffer alerts always have to be confirmed with LDAR teams using OGI cameras.  This is NOT the case with our system since we use the same reliable OGI system that your LDAR team uses today to visually detect VOC gas leaks. 

A single regulatory fine can cost upwards of $49,000/day in Colorado.  In addition, 

Yes.  We are constantly training our AI machine models to detect even the smallest leaks.  One of our clients gave us access to ground-truth-data so that we could accurately quantify leaks to within 1ppm. 

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