Would you like to be interviewed on the Digital Roughnecks video podcast?

It’s easy. Just follow the 3-step process below:

Vendors/Sponsors: We are happy to interview just about anyone who wants to do business with oil & gas professionals. We prefer that you have something to “push” during the interview – including new products, major announcements, etc.

Oil & Gas Professionals: We are also looking for oil & gas professionals who have a story to tell. How did you conquer a problem that combines both operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) – the skills of the Digital Roughneck.

Here’s the 3-Step Process

1) Schedule your recording session. Fill out this form. It gives us the information we need about you AND the promotional links we need to promote you on the blog when we post the podcast.

The form gives you access to open dates on my calendar, so if there’s an opening in my schedule, grab it.

2) Show up for your Zoom recording session. During your scheduled recording session, we will follow the interview format below. We will be using Zoom for the recording, which will allow you to share your screen. If your product/service/case study has some visuals, you will be able to show them. If you have a video, we can play that (including the audio).

NOTE: The actual recording is approximately 10 minutes long, but since we’ve scheduled one hour, we will have plenty of time before & after the recording session to go over your topic, plan out what we’re going to say and even re-record something if necessary.

3) Promote. Once we are ready to post the episode, we will provide you with a URL. We encourage you to promote the episode to your audience. This will be great content and it will appear to your audience as authoritative, since we’re considered 3rd party experts on the subject of oil & gas technology, especially around automation and AI.

What Is The Interview Format?

I’m glad you asked.

  • It’s an interview format with Mark Smith, David Conley or both of us.
  • Length: approx. 10-minutes each. This allows us to upload the video to LinkedIn, which has a 10-minute upload limit.
  • We also upload it to other video channels like YouTube and Facebook.
  • We then strip off the video and upload the video to all of the podcast distribution networks, like iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and more.
  • We use the following interview framework:


  • Intros 
  • P= Problem your clients are facing
  • A = Amplify.  What if the client doesn’t fix the problem?  What if they do fix the problem?
  • S = Story/Solution.  Give a real-life case study. Why the solution works to fix the problem.
  • T = Transformation & Testimonial.  Results you’re getting from an actual client.
  • O = Offer. What would you like listeners to do next? Ex: Free whitepaper, webinar, etc.
  • R = Response.  Example: “Just visit [your URL] and sign up for a [the Offer]”


Who can request an interview? Pretty much anyone who has something to say to oil & gas professionals. We need some editorial control, of course, but so far there hasn’t been any abuse.

Can I sell something or promote a product/service? YES! We want you to talk to oil & gas professionals about what makes you new, better, and different. I’ll give you a big hint about how to be successful: Tell the audience how your technology solution will make their company money and why learning the technology will make them a better digital roughneck (which will ultimately make the person more valuable).

I represent a vendor: What requirements do you have? None, really. We would LOVE it if you had an offer for the audience. You know, a free trial or 30% off, or something like that. We’d rather not just make the same offer you do on 1,000 other web sites and podcasts.

What’s in it for me?

  • The video will be uploaded to LinkedIn and then shared to our audience. This can result in thousands of video views. Here’s an example of a podcast episode on LinkedIn.
  • We encourage you to promote & share the episode to your audience.
  • The video will be uploaded to Facebook and then shared to our Facebook audience. If you want to sponsor the post, we can work together to further boost the post with Facebook ads.
  • The audio file will be syndicated to all of the podcast outlets.
  • The interview will be posted on this website and a notification will be sent to our entire email list of oil & gas professionals.

How often can I be a guest? As often as we want!  Seriously. We need to rotate through various vendors, partners, experts, etc. So please apply as often as you want. We’ll slot you in when we can. Again, no one has abused this so far, so we don’t have a lot of rules.

How do I know you won’t hijack the conversation and attack me/my company? You don’t. It’s never happened. It’s not what we do. So you just have to trust us. Listen to past podcasts. We treat everyone as a friend who’s trying to make a living by providing value to oil & gas professionals.

Will my interview be edited in any way? Maybe. Sometimes we cut out a portion of the interview. Sometimes we cut the beginning or end for time. But it’s always done to make you and us look good.

Can I sponsor episodes where I don’t appear as a guest. Yes! Click here to learn more about becoming a sponsor.

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