tank monitoring

Our non-invasive tank monitoring is as accurate as guided wave radar.

Plus, you'll generate carbon offsets by never opening the thief hatch.

non-invasive tank-level monitoring using IR cameras

We use certified thermal cameras to detect liquid levels on the outside of the tank

scada integrated

We send telemetry data directly to your SCADA system that mimics guided wave radar. Our machine model was built to detect accuracy within 1% of guided wave radar.

inherintly safe

By eliminating the need to hand gauge a tank or open a thief hatch, you dramatically improve safety.

earn carbon offsets

By eliminating the need to open the thief hatch, you eliminate tons of VOC gases, which reduces the carbon fees you'll need to pay and potentially earns carbon offsets.

Frequently asked questions

We use a thermal camera to detect temperature differences between liquid and gas.  The AI machine model converts this into telemetry data similar to guided wave radar and sends it to your SCADA system.  In addition, this eliminate the need to hand-gauge tanks, which is a serious safety concern.

We use a thermal camera, which is tuned to detect temperature changes on the outside of the tanks.  

Our early adopter clients asked us to create a tank-monitoring solution that was as accurate as guided wave radar and eliminate the need to ever open the thief hatch.  We are within 1% of guided wave radar consistently, so our clients no longer need to purchase guided wave radars. 

No.  Like all CleanConnect.ai machine models, its designed to work autonomously.  Our motto is “let the AI do the work,” that way no one needs to be dedicated to stare at security monitors–ever!

  • Cost effective. Our system is less expensive than a guided wave radar.
  • Carbon Offsets. This eliminates tons of VOC gases, which saves on current & future carbon fees.  Our clients estimate they save $5,600/year per tank in carbon fees by NOT having to open the thief hatch.  
  • Fee avoidance. Tank violation fees in CO are now $49k per incident x number of days. 

It can be sold separately, however the same cameras the detect tank levels also detect liquid leaks.  So, most of our customers find it more economical & efficient to purchase our Autonomous365 suite, which includes the tank monitoring AI machine model. 

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