We Help Oil & Gas Companies Produce

Clean Energy At a Profit

by Using Energy AI to Automate HSE, ESG and Operations

Our Autonomous365 Suite Includes:

PPE Detection

Our model automatically detects people to determine if they're wearing a hard hat

Liquid Leak Detection

Detect Liquid Leaks Instantly to Prevent Costly Failures

Autonomous Gate Guard

Eliminate your gate operators with virtual gate guard

ECD Monitoring

Visually verify that your ECD's are working correctly with our 360° HD optical camera

Flame & Smoke Detection

Our 360° HD camera detects smoke & fire autonomously

Loadout Observation

Automatically record & log your pumper truck loadouts

Compressor Monitoring

Instantly detect compressor run status and prevent costly failures and downtime

Pop-off Detection

Instantly detect pop-off events and prevent costly failures and downtime

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