EP17 – How To Find Opportunities For AI Solutions Without Being An Expert

In this week’s episode, Mehdi Korjani, Director of AI at Clean Connect, rejoins us to take a deeper dive into the concepts underpinning AI and describes how to identify opportunities for AI solutions.

Mehdi discusses the common themes in AI to provide a foundational understanding of the technology and to help you understand where AI can provide a powerful advantage in problem solving.

So if you want to learn how AI can be leveraged to solve complex problems, tune in to this week’s episode and visit Clean Connect at: CleanConnect.ai

What You Will Hear This Week:

  • How you can identify opportunities to use AI
  • How AI and machine learning work on a foundational level
  • Where AI and machine learning brings value

Want To Learn More?

Visit Clean Connect’s website at: CleanConnect.ai

Connect with Mehdi Korjani on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/korjani/

Listen To This Week’s Episode Below:

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