EP21 – Using Python To Become The Next Digital Roughneck

In this episode, Hoss Belyadi describes his journey from roughneck to Digital Roughneck. Hoss uses AI & machine learning to solve problems in the oil & gas industry, such as preventative maintenance and extraction optimization. And his programming language of choice? Python.

Hoss believes learning Python is one of the first steps to becoming a Digital Roughneck because you can take advantage of powerful machine learning algorithms to solve real problems.

This is all broken down in his book, Machine Learning Guide for Oil and Gas Using Python: A Step-by-Step Breakdown with Data, Algorithms, Codes, and Applications.

So if you want to start using Python to create real solutions, check out this episode of Digital Roughnecks.

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Guest Bio

Hoss Belyadi is a senior data scientist/engineer at Vine Oil and Gas, LP. Additionally, he is the founder and CEO of Obsertelligence, LLC, focused on providing artificial intelligence (AI) in-house training and solutions.

Mr. Belyadi has served as an adjunct faculty member at multiple universities, including West Virginia University, Marietta College, and Saint Francis University. There, he taught data analytics, natural gas engineering, enhanced oil recovery, and hydraulic fracture stimulation design.

Mr. Belyadi has over 10 years of experience working in various conventional and unconventional reservoirs across the world. He has worked on various machine learning projects and held short courses across various universities, organizations, and the department of energy (DOE).

Mr. Belyadi is the primary author of “Hydraulic Fracturing in Unconventional Reservoirs (1st and 2nd editions) and is the author of “Machine Learning Guide for Oil and Gas Using Python.” Hoss earned his BS and MS, both in petroleum and natural gas engineering from West Virginia University.

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