Wins Darcy Partners 2023 Top Innovators Award

Marelyn Serrano, senior research analyst, explains why earned the 2023 Top Innovators Award

In our assessment of industry innovations, Clean Connect particularly stands out for their adept utilization of readily accessible technologies, like OGI. By integrating advanced computer vision algorithms, they have developed one of the industry's most comprehensive solutions for our member base," states Marelyn Rios, Senior Research Associate. The distinctiveness of their product is further validated by the recognition it has received. Clean Connect is one of only two companies to have been approved by the CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment), along with the Alt-AIMM and the NM Alarm program, not just at the site level but also at the component level. This is a remarkable achievement, especially considering they are the sole company to attain this recognition at the component level

Being honored with the Top Innovator Award in Sustainability from Darcy Partners for the second consecutive year is a remarkable accolade for everyone at This repeated recognition from a leader in technology and innovation intelligence not only underscores our unwavering commitment to sustainable energy solutions but also cements our leadership in deploying AI technology within the oil and gas industry. Alongside our regulatory approvals and the Oil & Gas Cleantech Challenge victory, this award propels us forward, inspired to achieve even greater efficiency and cleaner operations. We extend our deepest thanks to Darcy Partners for this acknowledgment, reaffirming our dedication to innovation and to all those who share in our mission for a sustainable future.

Darcy Partners, a premier technology and innovation intelligence firm specializing in the energy sector, is pleased to announce Clean Connect AI as one of the distinguished recipients of Darcy Partners’ 2023 Top Innovator Award in Sustainability. Clean Connect AI secured regulatory approval for its flagship product, Autonomous365, and has been deployed effectively by Darcy Partners members. Clean Connect AI demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability, and Darcy Partners congratulates them for their outstanding achievement and innovation.


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