EP19 – How To Get Started As A Digital Roughneck

Programming and Oil Drilling Collide

In this episode, Digital Roughnecks interviews Ryan Davies, a Network Engineer from CleanConnect.ai.  Ryan is a true Digital Roughneck, starting his oil and gas career on the drilling side and now adding a computer science degree.   

Ryan talks about how he started as a Digital Roughneck, and he provides specific recommendations on how to become one.   Also, Ryan provides insights into the future role of the Digital Roughneck in the oil & gas industry plus the career benefits that go with the experience. 

So if you want to see how to launch your career, tune in to this week’s episode.

What You Will Hear This Week:

  • Core skills needed to become a Digital Roughneck.
  • How the oil industry is changing and what that means for future Digital Roughnecks.
  • Where you can find resources to launch your career.

Want To Add To Your Skillset?

In this week’s episode, Ryan outlines a few core skills needed to become a Digital Roughneck. Below, you will find links to affordable options to learn Python, programming, and networking basics.


Udemy Python Course

Codecademy Python Courses

Coursera Python Courses


Udemy Python Network Automation

Google IT Automation Professional Certificate

Listen To This Week’s Episode:

Want To Learn More?

For past episodes of Digital Roughnecks, visit our episode archive or find us wherever you get your podcasts.

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