EP26 – A brand new break-through technology that promises to revolutionize the well completion process.

Inside this episode:

  • Andrew Richard discusses a brand new break-through technology called the Jointed Pipe Injector (JPI), that promises to revolutionize the well completion process
  • The JPI enables 1-button tripping, replacing the 17 manual steps required by today’s process
  • The JPI is about to be released as a product after over a year of testing testing by the majority of the super-majors
  • The JPI also reduces a driller’s carbon footprint by requiring a substantially smaller motor to power the completion operation.

Listen to the episode:

Andrew Richard

Andrew Richard is the VP of Sales & BD & Co-Founder of Automated Rig Technologies. Andrew has been involved in the upstream oil and gas business for 24 years working with several industry leaders starting as an electrician for Tesco Corp in the late 90s moving into PLC programming & design supporting Drillers Tech in Mexico, later helping Iron Derrickman get off the ground and selling to Weatherford moving on and starting Automated Rig in my basement in 2009.

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