EP30 – How operators achieve autonomous operations with edge computing

Inside this episode:

In this episode, Mark Smith interviews John Kalfayan, VP of Energy at Hivecell, to discuss using intelligent edge devices in the oil & gas field operations. We discuss:

  • What problems do intelligent edge devices solve for oil & gas operations.
  • How to deploy and scale your edge devices, even if you’re not an IT or networking expert.
  • How intelligent edge devices enable autonomous operations for oil & gas operators.

Additional information about Hivecell:

  • We offer the only highly available, infinitely scalable, edge as a service solution.
  • Unique about the company – cofounders went to high school together in Denton, TX. Decided that one of them would be a Mech. engineer while the other went for Electrical engineering and that one day they would run a company together. 30 years later that’s what they’re doing.

Listen to the episode:

John Kalfayan

John Kalfayan, VP of Energy at Hivecell

John has over a decade of experience in the fracturing and upstream services industry before coming over to Hivecell in 2021. John has a mechanical engineer (univ. of Arkansas) with a master’s in energy business (Tulsa Univ).

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