EP32 – How to prevent ransomware

Inside this episode:

Inside this episode of Digital Roughnecks, we sit down with Steve Rutkovitz, President of Choice Cybersecurity. Steve’s company has done 100 enterprise risk assessments in the past two years and NONE of his clients have been hit with ransomware. 

We discuss:  

  • The Columbia pipeline ransomware attack.
  • The ways to prevent ransomware attacks.
  • How to harden your IT infrastructure so hackers avoid your company.
  • How to “backstop” your company in the event of an attack.

Listen to the episode:

Steve Rutkovitz

With over 20 years of experience in the managed services industry, specializing in regulatory compliance-specific technology, Steve’s unique, proactive approach to managed services gives him the edge you need to differentiate your business and protect your organization in today’s world of cyber threats, attacks, and hacks.

Focused solely on security and compliance, Steve is known throughout the industry as being uniquely qualified due to his deep understanding of networking, hardware, and over 25 different compliances. Steve has used his broad range of expertise to provide strategic design and consulting services for a wide range of companies throughout various industries worldwide.

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