EP34 – CleanConnect.ai EPA Methane Technology Workshop Video

Inside this episode:

CleanConnect.ai was given the opportunity to participate in the August 2021 EPA Methane Technology workshop. 
As part of our virtual exhibit, we provided a 5-minute video to the EPA summarizing how our continuous OGI methane monitoring solution helps operators monitor & manage their methane intensity. 
Inside the video, we demonstrate how we use OOOOa-certified OGI cameras + AI software to:

  • Autonomously & continuously detect & quantify methane & VOC gas leaks.
  • Allow operators to configure the 360-degree tour of the OGI camera down to the specific equipment level.
  • Allow operators to set the alert levels.
  • Show how we integrate the visual telemetry data to your SCADA system.
  • We quickly show 7 case studies from clients who have achieved up to 10x ROI.  

In addition to continuous VOC gas leak detection, we provide a suite of visual AI machine models that includes non-invasive tank-level monitoring, ECD monitoring, liquid leak detection, PPE detection, flame & smoke detection, compressor monitoring, pop-off detection, load out observation, dome-out prevention, autonomous gate guard, and autonomous site security. 


Listen to the episode:

Mark Smith

Mark Smith has 25 years of experience in technology-focused digital marketing, publishing, and software development. He previously launched Windows NT Magazine, which was viewed by 1.5M IT professionals each month in 160 countries. Mark is the host of Digital Roughnecks, a weekly video podcast for oil & gas professionals who lead digital transformation for the energy industry.

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