EP37- Ironsight

Inside this episode:

We sit down with Shawn Martens, the co-founder of Ironsight.app, who call themselves the “Uber of Oil Field Services.”  
https://ironsight.app/ connects oil & gas producers with oil field services suppliers using a SaaS platform. The entire process of connecting jobs with suppliers can be automated, including ticketing, billing, and smart contracts. 

In this episode, we demonstrate an AI-solution for tank-level monitoring that initiatives a smart contract for a pumper truck to pickup oil and/or water. 
We also demonstrate how the job ticket can be automated and the smart contract fulfilled with visual verification using an AI smart camera solution & Ironsight. 
The entire process is automated, taking operators one step closer to their goal of autonomous operations and reducing Opex expenses.


Listen to the episode:

Shawn Martens, Co-Founder, VP of Operations at IronSight

IronSight is the vac truck turned software company. We initially built IronSight as tool to dispatch our field team more efficiently, and allow our oil & gas clients to send us job requests and track our trucks. In the early days, they jokingly referred to us as the uber-of-the-oilfield. The prolonged downturn in oil prices caused a drop in demand for our equipment, but an increased interest in the technology we were using to schedule and track employees. Energy producers were seeking digital solutions to cut operational expenditures. We decided to sell our trucks and focus entirely on evolving our platform to solve operational problems. Our uncommon journey and field experience helps us relate to our clients’ needs.

Links in Episode:

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/shawn-martens-8418255b/
  • https://ironsight.app/our-story

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