EP14 – How to Equip Your Home Studio

I take you for a behind the scenes tour of my podcasting studio to look at the gear and software I use to produce the show.

Many of you will be asked to host or participate in Zoom, Teams, Meet, or webinars, and you will want to be put on camera.

Instead of using the default setup with a built-in microphone, crappy lighting and laptop camera, you can upgrade your entire experience for a reasonable price.

In this short episode you will learn what I am using in my own studio, as well as some great alternatives for a tighter budget.

What You Will Learn:

  • The software and hardware I use to create my video podcast
  • How to create the right video lighting
  • Different gear options depending on your budget
  • Why upgrading your studio will dramatically improve your production quality
  • How to use a green screen

My Podcasting Studio Set-Up 

If you want to host webinars, create video content for your business, or even build a podcasting studio of your own, this episode has everything you need to know about the gear.

Find out what types of software and equipment I use in my home studio so you can start producing high-quality content for a minimal cost.

Internet Upload Speed!

One very important feature is your internet upload speed. Most people use a tool like Speedtest and only look at your download speed. But, when you are broadcasting, especially video, the most important metric is upload speed.

The best way to improve your upload speed is to directly connect to your home router. It’s significantly faster (up to 10x) than relying on your WiFi connection.

After you’ve connected directly to your router (or a hard-wired internet connection if you have one), then the next thing to explore is upgrading your internet connection with your internet provider. I always choose the fastest upload speed. If you can get fiber (e.g. Verizon Fios), choose that option because you’ll get really fast upload speed.


  • Zoom: Zoom is the lifeblood of my podcasting studio. It is a cloud-based, video conferencing software that I use for webinars, meetings, and interviews.
  • OBS: Open Broadcast Studio is a free tool that I use for editing promo videos where I don’t have a guest.
  • Camtasia: This tool by TechSmith is great for recording screen shares and it is a powerful editing suite as well.

“These equipment options will help you drastically increase your podcasting studio quality for whatever it is you’re trying to do.”

Podcasting Studio Hardware 




Green Screen: 

You can listen to this week’s episode below.
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