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New GPA RSG Proposed Standard

In this episode, I interview Andrew Parker from SPL-Inc, Director of ESG & General Manager, SPL-Inc. ‍We discuss: Why GPA Midstream association decided to create an RSG (responsibly sourced gas)

Carbon, Capital and the Cloud

ESG investors now control $120 trillion dollars of capital.  ESG money has become the #1 influence on the oil & gas market.  My guest, Geoffrey Cann, provides a sneak peak

EPA Emissions Update – OOOOb/c

EPA announced a significant update to their emissions regulations.   In this episode, I summarize EPA’s 577-page proposed regulations down to a 3-page chart that I highlight in 10-minutes.This updated

The Transition to Renewable Energy

EPA announced a significant update to their emis I interviewed Hank Courtright, Executive Consultant – Corporate Strategy, Technology and Innovation for the Salt River Project (SRP).  SRP provides electricity to

Autonomous LDAR

How would you like to put your EPA compliance on autopilot?   ‍In this episode, Mark Smith & David Conley (CleanConnect.ai) discuss the impact of AI on Leak Detection and

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