Smart Cameras

Discover the Smart Camera Technologies that Utilize Artificial Intelligence to Accurately Detect Issues You Need to Respond to

The following Smart Cameras presentation was given by Mark Smith at the Onshore Well Site Automation 2021 conference (Feb 2021).

What you will learn in this video presentation:

  • What are the smart camera solutions available and how can they be utilized to monitor well site security and watch for fugitive emissions?
  • What are the capabilities of smart cameras and combination cameras?
  • How accurate are they at detecting leaks?
  • How can they be deployed cost-effectively at scale?
  • How effective are they at alerting operators when maintenance is required?
  • How can they be incorporated into existing remote monitoring programs and how data intensive are they when operating?
  • What are the smart camera options available to operators who do not have a pre-existing remote monitoring infrastructure?

Learn more about Smart Cameras:

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