ProMax for Non-Engineer

  • The Top 7 Benefits of Using ProMax
  • How to Transition to Empirical Subpart W
  • Why natgas buyers are willing to pay a premium for emissions data validated with ProMax

INSTANT REPLAY is a Government-Approved Autonomous LDAR, AVO, and Emission Monitoring Solution

Your Webinar Hosts

Mark Smith

President & Co-Founder,
Mark is the author of the EPA Cheat Sheet, host of Digital Roughnecks podcast, and co-founder of Previously, Mark was the founder of Windows NT Magazine, reaching 1.5M IT Professionals globally.

Diego Morales, EIT

Consulting Engineer, ProMax / BRE
Proud Aggie and highly motivated BR&E Consulting Engineer for the Western US, excited to be playing a role in the oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and energy industries by providing world class process simulation (using ProMax) and engineering consulting.

Kelly Bott

Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, PureWest
Kelly was appointed SVP of ESG, Land, and Regulatory of PureWest in May 2021. She joined Ultra in 2014 as the Regulatory and Environmental Manager. She succeeded in multiple positions with increasing responsibility until serving as the Director of ESG and Regulatory, focusing on growing the culture of safety, compliance, and environmental diligence.

Jason Oates

Vice President, Sustainability, PureWest
Jason Oates is the Vice President of Environmental and Regulatory for PureWest Energy, joining the company in January 2021.

Mr. Oates has over 17 years of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. He currently serves on the METEC Industry Advisory Board at Colorado State University. He is an industry advocate for sound energy policy and regulations to complement the multiple decades-long process of transitioning to fossil-free energy.

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Our clients are building Human AI Digital Twins that can do autonomous inspections, replacing manu LDAR, AVO, night operators, gate operators, Method22 and much more.

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