The CO government recognizes for building the first AI to pass the Turing test for emissions reduction

It’s official: CDPHE approves CleanConnect’s autonomous LDAR as an AI alternative to human methane monitoring.
"In our commitment to reducing air pollution and improving operators' response time to emissions, we are working with companies like Clean Connect to implement innovative technology solutions that can even more effectively monitor emissions and reach our clean air goals."
Michael Ogletree
CDPHE Director announced that it is the first AI technology company to meet all of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) emission requirements for the new Alternative Approved Instrument Measurement Method (Alt-AIMM) application. Officially posted on the CDPHE’s alt-aimm program website found here:

Achieving Alt-AIMM means’s autonomous LDAR (leak detection & repair) solution can replace the manual OGI LDAR programs, manual AVO and tank monitoring being used by energy producers today.

"Our recent approval stands out—being the first in over seven years. This highlights the rigor and precision demanded by the CDPHE's evolving standards. But more than regulatory checkboxes, it underscores the unparalleled dedication and pursuit of excellence by Colorado's oil and gas operators. Working in a space full of “theories” and proof of concepts, I'm proud and humbled to have helped develop and actively deploy Clean Connect technology throughout Colorado, proving our unwavering commitment to the operators who fuel our success”
David Conley
CEO & Co-Founder of Clean Connect
"The Clean Connect approval is a major step forward and provides evidence that environmental outcomes can be improved more efficiently by using intelligent solutions that both regulators and industry support"
Thomas Fox, Phd
President at Highwood Emissions Management
"Our commitment to environmental sustainability drives our corporate culture and ESG goals across the entire organization,. We’re constantly leveraging the latest technology, particularly around air emissions, to fulfill our carbon neutral commitment and lessen impacts.”
Kathy Steerman
Civitas’ Director of Air Programs

To complete CDPHE’s Alt-AIMM requirements, achieved six key milestones in the application, including:

1. Demonstrate visual source-level leak detection of emissions, including the ability to distinguish between fugitive and permitted emissions

2. Demonstrate detection performance with blind testing at various distances and leak sizes on a production facility. NOTE: We are approved to 100m

3. Prove emissions reduction equivalency against current regulatory LDAR requirements.

4. Provide an automated LDAR work practice that demonstrates how we detect, enable operators to diagnose and fix any problem found. Diagnosing and fixing leaks remotely is acceptable & encouraged.

5. Colorado operators provided letters of support for the Alt-AIMM application and participated in actual production and field data collection that was included in the application

6. The Clean Connect team is currently engaged with the EPA for approval

“Being able to autonomously meet all CDPHE’s Regulation 7 requirements means we meet all current and future EPA requirements, including OOOOb/c and Appendix K”
Mark Smith
President of

You can see the Clean Connect Alt-AIMM approval letter by clicking on CDPHE’s website at:

To learn more about the CDPHE Alt-AIMM and Autonomous LDAR, you can visit


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