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PureWest Speaks at BloombergNEF Conference

Kelly Bott and Jason Oates from Pure West Energy, share their journey of achieving their NetZero goals

  • PureWest Energy, a pure-play gas producer based in Denver, is achieving a carbon-neutral barrel by focusing on responsibly-sourced gas.
  • The company has gone through the certification process and had previously certified 100% of its production with Project Canary.
  • They use blockchain technology to transact and create an irrefutable record of the environmental attributes of their gas.
  • The market is evolving towards measurement, monitoring, reporting, and verification. 
  • PureWest Energy is working with CleanConnect to match data on gas production with emissions processes and use camera technology to prove emissions profiles. 
  • The company believes that demand for differentiated gas is growing, particularly from industrial and LNG markets with tight emission standards. They see a future where energy security and emissions concerns can coexist. 
  • The company is also exploring opportunities in the oil market, as oil producers are experiencing similar pressures and are interested in certification and monitoring. 
  • The key to further progress in the market is standardization and agreement on metrics for emissions intensity. 
  • While achieving zero methane emissions by 2030 may be challenging, the goal is to differentiate and strive for continuous improvement.


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